TECHNOBLAST is the brain-child of the cooperation of planners and highly specialised engineers who have been working for years in the specific field of planning and building sandblasting machines and plants. Our production include a wide range of sanders, devised to employed in the traditional field of metal and mechanical industry, as well as in casting house. We manufacture automatic, semiautomatic and manual machinery, having grit hurl either with turbine engine or free jet. This machinery is suitable for low, medium and high capacity. Our technicians have been researching into shotblasting problems, allowing us to manufacture newly conceived sanders for processing non-ferrous materials; among these: wooden supported paint pickling, fiber glass rolled sections sheets grinding and slabs sandblasting. These automatic shotblasting machines have remarkable advantages compared to the usual processing methos. They actually allow very high output uchile saving, both power and labour (hands) and in addition, warranty of abservance of the law in force, as far as work and natural environment protection are concerned.

Additional services offered by TECHNOBLAST :
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