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Payday Advance

When it matters: Ambient light in the room. When it matters: Bright objects in the direct reflection path (for example, opposite the TV). Good value: Glossy is good for ambient light, but not cash loans direct reflections. Learn moreThe screen of the KS9000 does reflect lights but less than most other TVs. When it matters: 3D movies and videos. Learn moreLEARN ABOUT 3D Pixels 8. When it matters: Sports, video games. When it matters: Fast movement.

Noticeable difference: 10msLearn moreThere are Cash loans with faster response time but there is no big issues with how the KS9000 handles motion. LEARN ABOUT MOTION BLUR 2. When it matters: For people sensitive to flickering.

When it matters: Only 24p content (mostly just movies). When it matters: Movies from streaming devices (Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.

It is an optional feature that increases the frame rate of the video, smoothing movement. When it matters: If you like the look of smoothed video. When it matters: 30 fps or lower videos. Includes movies, TV shows, some video games. When it matters: 60 fps videos. Includes some video games, some sports channels.

Learn moreMotion Interpolation can be activated with the 'Auto Motion Plus' setting. When it matters: Video games and also when TV is used as PC monitor. When it matters: When you want to play video games with the Soap Opera Effect enabled.

When it matters: For playing video games while retaining access to all online payday loans features of the TV. When it matters: HDR Video games.


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