Technoblast builds shotblasting machines with skewed wheels for the surface outer treatment of rounds and pipes of different diameters and lengths.

Technoblast machines are equipped with wheels, manufactured by Technoblast itself, of different dimeters and powers in order to guarantee the maximum quality and high levels of productions.

Technoblast realizes machines for the cleaning of pipes inner surface. Pipes can have variable diameters and lenghts

Plants can be supplied with loading and unloading benches or they can be inserted into production lines arranged by the customer.

Cylinders can be treated with a continuous vertical working system or with a horizontal system (using skewed wheels), in this case cylinders rotate, finally they can be hung and transported by gravity.

Technoblast projects also machines, which work in continuous, for cylinders inner treatment.

Each plant is combined with a self-cleaning filter.

SAR model shotblasting machines are equipped with a continuous sliding conveyor plane made up by rolls with a variable pitch. They are particularly indicated for the treatment of plates , steel and aluminium sections, of different sizes and weights.

SAR plants can be supplied with loading and unloading benches arranged by the customer. These machines are suitable to be inserted into production lines.

To blast handmade of carpentry made by steel of medium/great sizes , Technoblast realizes tunnel machines with double hoists.

Blasting chambers are another type of machine suitable to blast these kind of pieces.

These machine work with a free flow system, they can have a partial or total shot recovery system.

Each plant is combined with a self-cleaning filter.

These machines are suitable for heavy manufactures, they are used to get rough effect on pieces (similar to bush-hammering), or to give an “ancient” effect on marble and other stones.

These machines are used for high productions of granite handmade, volcanic stones or compressed concrete.

Machines can be supplied with manganese wire mesh belt (horizontal passage) or machines can be built to have a vertical passage. Pieces are blasted keeping them in a vertical position.

Each plant is combined with a self-cleaning filter.

In this field (automotive), the suitable machines are SANR type. High productivity for prime quality finishing.

These plants are generally equipped with original devices for the control and for the steady warranty of the quality.

Pieces are transported on a manganese steel wire mesh belt, different numbers of wheels are arranged on the machine, they are properly dimensioned and powered on the base of the customer productive request.

In this field also standard model like hook machines are used.

For more customized demands, Technoblast suggests machines with rotary satellites with robot loaders suitable to various type of production.

Each plant is combined with a self-cleaning filter.

De-burring machines are used for the treatment of thermosetting material. These continuous passage machines are suitable for pieces of small/medium sizes.

The loading and unloading system of the pieces is automatic.

To treat medium/big pieces de-burring machines are equipped with wheels and inox steel conveyor belts.

These type of machines are furnished with burrs separators and humidifiers for electrostatic dust reduction.

Each plant is combined with a self-cleaning filter.

Technoblast manufactures machines with magnetic drums used to clean castings, with sand core or polystyrene.

Magnetic drums separate sand from pieces and shot which, after the treatment, result perfectly cleaned.

Plants used can be: rotary table, steel belt, hook machine (fixed hook) or machine with lifting hoists.

Technoblast realizes machines for brassing, machines work with continuous load and are able to perfectly clean pieces with graphite by casting bras particles. After the treatment, pieces are cleaned and have a smooth surface.

This machine have great productivity.

Each plant is combined with a self-cleaning filter.

Machines are suitable to treat die-cast aluminium pieces of small/medium sizes.

Machine can be equipped with a rubber belt, including a hydraulic skip loader device and an evacuator belt for pieces unloading. In this way a continuous production cycle is guaranteed.

Hook machines can be used in this field too in order to treat medium/big sizes pieces. Each plant is combined with a self-cleaning filter.

WATERBLAST machines are used to polish metals such as, brass, copper, steel and precious metal for example, silver and gold.

By using water mixed with insoluble abrasive, it is possible to get a special brightness on the handmade product.

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