WATERBLAST stays for the new range of water blasting machines.

The production of this new kind of plants allowed Technoblast, leading company in blasting machines construction, (regarding plants which work with a dry system), to enter into the field of water blasting, known also as humid blasting.

This technology, in order to get a double effect on handmade products, exploits a mix of water and insoluble abrasive conveyed by stabilized compressed air The effects obtained with this kind of blast are:
– Removal (where required) of material used for alloy and not necessary for the final result
– Polishing of the treated surface on the base of the abrasive material used.

WATERBLAST can be built with inox steel structures (for load and support of heavy pieces) or with wear – resistant plastic material structure with great thickness (for light loads). These machines can be used manually or with an automatic system. Manually, there’s an operator, who blasts, by using a blasting gun, whereas with an automatic working system, blasting treatment occurs thanks to the moving of electrical axels controlled by brushless engines which shift one or more blasting guns along the surface that has to be treated. As in all our plants, machines parameters are managed by a control and command plc and by Touch screen. Acting on the touch screen is possible to create and recollect working recipes in order to accelerate the machine use and reduce at minimum mistake possibility, to set parameters on machines items such as (electric axels speed, working pressure of compressed air, working pressure of water, air compressed quantity, water quantity, number of cycles, pump speed and water/abrasive mixer speed).

This maximum flexibility gives to the operator the possibility of getting the best result in the shortest possible time and finally it permits to optimize water, abrasive, compressed air consumption.

Our blasting plants are equipped with water resistant filter inside the blasting cabin and with a dry filtering unit placed outside of the cabin.

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