For a few years Technoblast has built special plants for surface treatment of natural stone, marble and granite coming from different countries.

The goal was to get various effects on the stones such as: blasting, antiqued, flamed, and bush hammering effect.

Machines are realized following customer needs, with passage which goes from 600 to 2500 mm.

Conveyor plane can be with manganese steel wire mesh belt, or with rubber belt, or with rollers in order to blast both the top and the sides of the stone.

The wheels and the conveyor planes are always equipped with speed regulators.

These machines are also suitable for the treatment of concrete handmade such as: tiles, self-locking tiles, curbs, flooring etc….

Every plants are equipped with abrasive recovery groups and de-dusting systems thanks to the use of cyclones and self cleaning filters (fabric sleeves).

On customer demand, in our machine is possible to use shot of different sizes, thanks to a shot changing device.

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